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Culture more+
? Enterprise culture:    Unity & Advancement, Concentration & Innovation,Honesty & Credibility, Cooperation & Win-Win.   ? Enterprise quality policy:    Customer-oriented, serve with heart, keep onimproving, be better.   ? Enterp...
About Changelight more+
Xiamen Changelight Co., Ltd was founded in 2006 and formally became a listed company on GEM at Shenzhen Stock Exchange (stock name: Changelight; stock code: 300102) on August 12, 2010. Headquartered in the beautiful Xiamen City, Fujian Province. Currently, the company possesses several wholly owne...
Products & Applications more+
  • LED Chips
    LED chips are widely used in Lighting, digital, matrix, disp...
  • Epitaxial Wafers
    Independent research and development,good uniformity of wave...
  • GaAs Solar Cells
    Triple-junction GaAs based solar cells are next-generation e...
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